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What Are Benefits of

Animated Explainer Videos?


A marketing strategy that includes explainer videos is great for business. Read below to learn seven of the many benefits of animated explainer videos.

1. They Demonstrate Problems and Solutions

Much business is driven by customers with problems looking for products or services that solve them. Animated explainer videos simplify the process ofillustrating aproblem and demonstrating its solution.

Customers dislike wading through complicated company literature, and if a sales pitch goes on too long, they’re apt to move on. Animated explainer videos can do the same work more creatively and engagingly.

Well-designed videos are short and fun, keeping the customer’s interest and making products and services relatable. Animated explainer videos can also be paused so nothing is missed.They can also be rewound and re-watched so important information can be replayed.

2. Animated Videos Help Add Emotion

For good or ill, we are often led by our emotions, making decisions based on the way things feel to us. All but 10% of the information our brain successfully processes is visual, so our emotions tend to be visually driven. And 65% of people are visual learners, so beyond its emotional impact, presenting information visually is more cognitivelyeffective.

There are few things less emotional than traditional promotional literature, and the stock photos that go along withit rarely make up for this,let alone impart meaningful information.

This is where animated explainer videos come in. They can relay information visually while appealing to viewers’ emotions, not only through images but also through music and voiceovers.

3. Animated Videos Increase Website Traffic

Adding an animated explainer video to your landing page can draw traffic to your website and increase the conversion rate by a massive 80%.

How does this happen? Internet search engines favour web pages with video content. This is because they are easy for Internet bots to recognize and crawl. Web crawlers, otherwise known as spiders, catalogue everything on the World Wide Web for search engines like Google, so it can be found when people type in search terms.

These benefits are amplified when the video is shared on social media sites or included in email blasts.

If you want your product or service to be noticed, adding animated explainer videos is a cheap and effective way to achieve this.

A marketing strategy that includes explainer videos is great for business. Read on to learn seven of the many benefits of animated explainer videos.

4. They Boost SEO

(Search Engine


You’ve already discovered how animated explainer videos are attractive to web crawlers that index web content for search engines, but videos also help marketing strategies by improving your SEO. Here’s how:

  • An animated explainer video can generate a high level of social media shares. This, in turn, can lead to backlinks. Backlinks are generated when one website links to another and are important in obtaining high SEO rankings.

  • A successful animated explainer video can establish your authority on a topic, product, or service. Your website can become the site everyone turns to for information and you can build an audience and improve your SEO by regularly posting new videos, updates, and information.

  • Embedded video explainers and other structured data on your website can enhance your SEO by enabling rich snippets. These are visual samples of your page on search engines that generate more traffic than written site descriptions.

Today, SEO is a very important part of any successful marketing strategy and animated video explainers can easily help you improve your ranking in this regard.

5. It's Easy To Share Animated Explainers

Although the primary purpose of an animated explainer video is to explain, whetherthe solution to a problem or a start-up’splan of action, there are great benefits in making the video fun and interesting enough to share.

The explainer video doesn’tneedto have a million shares to be a success. A thousand or even a few hundred can make a significant difference to a company’s visibility.

Animated explainer videos should be created with this in mind. A dull video probably isn’t going to get shared by anyone, but one that is funny, smart, and unexpected might well be shared beyond the directly targeted audience.

The animated explainer video you create should be one you would want to share with family and friends, even if they are not the targeted audience for your product or services.

6. Animated Explainer Videos Help To  Simplify Complex Concepts

It is hard to explain why your product or service is the best if customers don’t understand how it works. Unfortunately, traditional methods of explaining things often leave most people too bored to absorb enough relevant information.

Animated explainer videos can keep audiences interested while breaking complex topics into digestible pieces that they can easily grasp. Great animation used in conjunction witheffective music and voiceovers can make learning new things fun and products or services more appealing.

7. Animated Explainer Videos Are Surprisingly Affordable

You might think that with all these benefits, creating an animated explainer video would be expensive. The good news is that it isn’t. While regular explainer videos and broadcast commercials cost a lot to make, animated videos are relatively inexpensive for a few reasons:

  • They are quick to produce, meaning fewer production team man-hours.

  • They don’t require expensive sets because everything is done on a computer.

  • They don’t need live actors and the designers, costumers, makeup artists, catering, and all the other extras that go withthem.


The Process

Before starting the production process, a member of our team will schedule a call with you to talk about your plans for the animated video. This can be over a Zoom call or even just a phone call. During the meeting, we will discuss your intended audiences, the video's central purpose and what you aim to achieve with it. We will also take note of any specific requirements that you may have. We are completely happy to work around your vision but will always come to the table with plenty of ideas of our own, just in case you are unsure.

Step 1


We will create the visual script for the animation. This will be a detailed word document, explaining what will be seen by the audience throughout the duration of the video. Once we have completed this, it will then be sent to you for your feedback and approval. We are happy to make as many changes to the script as you like until you are completely happy.

Step 2


When we have got your approval that you are happy with the visual script and made any changes that you would require, we will then create a voice over script to use over the top of the visuals. You have the option of choosing either a male, female, British or American accent.

Step 3


Once you have approved the voice over script, our professional voice over artist that you selected will then narrate the script in our professional voice over studio. Once the voice over artist has completed the voice over recording track, it will then be sent to you for your approval.

Screenshot 2022-11-19 at 01.05.37.png

Step 4


As soon as you have given your approval on the voice over, we will then begin the animating process based off the script that we agreed in the first step. We will make sure to match the animated visuals with the voice over track and once we have added this, we will then add the background music track.

Step 5


When we have completed the animating process and put everything together, we will then send it to you for your approval. If you would like us to make any changes to the music track or to the animated visuals, then let us know and we would be happy to make them for you.

Step 6


Your animation is complete. You are free to use the animated video wherever you see fit such as your website, social media, conferences or even TV.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Animated Video

    1 Minute & 30 seconds in length
    • Tailor Made Animation For Your Businesses Needs
    • Voice Over & Script Writing
    • Visual Script Writing (Around 200 Words)
    • Background Music
    • Completed within 30 days
    • Unlimited Revisions
  • Animated Video

    3 Minutes in length
    • Tailor Made Animated Video For Your Businesses Needs
    • Voice Over & Script Writing
    • Visual Script Writing (Around 400 Words)
    • Background Music
    • Completed within 40 days
    • Unlimited Revisions
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